How to Trade Ethereum Philippines

FxPH | June 26, 2018 | 65 | Advice

I know I was supposed to do more forex posts but a lot of people asked me how to trade ethereum philippines so I figured I will make a blog post about it. As you guys know Ethereum just dropped to a new low at $400 usd ( it was $1500! a couple of months ago ) and I wanted to show you a good way how to profit from those extreme price swings.

One good way to trade ethereum philippines is to use CFDs. To be honest it is quite complicated to buy those crypto currencies. If you ever tried it you know that you would need to get some wallet, deposit some money in a fishy looking site and then hope that you get it. What we traders want to do is PROFIT from the fluctuations in price. I don’t really care about “owning” the asset because I am just hoping to sell it higher at a later price again. Thats why I personally use Forex Brokers that offer Crpytocurrencies besides the major currency pairs such as EURUSD. One broker that started to specialize in letting their users trade Crypto is AvaTrade! ( They’re not my favorite broker as you know from  my reviews when it comes to trading but they’re one of the few trusted ones that do Crypo! )

So how to trade Ehereum Philippines exactly ? 

Step 1 : Create a Forex account with AvaTrade ( read my avatrade philippines review here) . They accept accounts from the Philippines and even offer local support!

Step 2: Upload your documents and verify the account

Step 3. Deposit at least $100 ( about 5000Philippine pesos)  into your account

Step 4: Thats it no more steps are necessarily. Simply use the web interface such as MetaTrader4 ( my favorite software ) and start trading ethereum in the Philippines.

P.s Prices are at an all year low so I will be expecting some bounces that should give some great trading opportunities.  Happy trading!

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